Veg: Coleslaw

Homemade coleslaw is much nicer than the shop bought stuff & is so easy to make. Goes perfect with most grilled foods (such as Souvlaki, Gyros, or Koftas), adding a bit of moisture to dry dishes. It is also highly adaptable & fun to experiment with.

BTW, my recipe doesn’t include raw onion – chiefly because I don’t like it.

start by grating a carrot or two

Peel, top & tail a few carrots & then grate (with a grater obviously). Then put the gratings into a large bowl.

add some finely chopped white cabbage

Use a big knife for this, but take your time & aim for wafer-thin slices of cabbage – no big chunks.

throw in a few raisins & chopped apple

De-core an apple & again finely chop.

finally add a scoop of mayonnaise

Stir well to coat all the bits & then taste. Easy as that.

Variations on a theme

Devil’s coleslaw

Stir in a good squeeze of Siracha hot sauce & some fresh chilis to give a hefty punch.

Minty coleslaw

Add some finely chopped mint to the finished product – tastes divine with anything hot & spicy.

Carrot & walnut coleslaw

Leave out the white cabbage & mayo, but add crushed walnuts, a squirt of lemon juice & a tablespoon of honey or demerara sugar.

No-mayo coleslaw

Just replace the mayo with a vinaigrette dressing (3 parts oil to 1 part vinegar).

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